Instructions for who would like to visit the Palestinian Refugees camps in Jordan


1. Sending an email to the Department of Palestinian Affairs (DPA) before three weeks at least of the visit date; which include the following information:

- Name of person/persons who would like to visit and the supervising entity (if there is).

- The exact date of the visit and its duration.

- Name of camp / camps that would be visited.

- Aim of visit; volunteering, scientific research, Photography, video filming ........etc.


2. Attach a copy of the following documents:

- Identity card for Jordanians.

- Passport for non-Jordanians.

- Cover letter from the supervising entity.

- For scientific research: a cover letter from the student's university.


PS: The reply with approval or refusal will be by email within two weeks.

You can also request by contacting DPA.